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This site (started as a Drupal test site) is now mostly used as a personal code repository -- for some unfinished projects not worthy to be placed in a public repository. You can find a short list on the new projects page.

UFO:AI Blender Map Importer preview

Importer is currently under development, there's a plan to release something about alpha quality together with Blender 2.5 beta. Nevertheless, I've decided to make a little preview, hoping to learn what features are expected, or the most needed. The main goal of the importer is to allow for creating cut-scenes using existing maps.

SCons for Flex SDK

Recently I have put some work into developing a SCons tool for building Flex SDK projects. The tool is in an early development stage, nevertheless I thought I will share; maybe somebody finds that useful already.

Go to projects page.

A private Bazaar

Ever wanted to have an external, private source code repository just like those on SourceForge, Google Code or Launchpad? With Bazaar DVCS it is possible with just a bit of hard drive space somewhere and FTP access to it. In other words all that is needed to be able to backup your code, have past revisions at hand or make the code easily available for someone else is a standard shared hosting account (not hard to find a free one). No specialised server or real setup is necessary.

Another upgrade

Now running Drupal 6.4.

At the moment this is mainly a test site for new patches etc., but today I've also uploaded some old videos I had done to test Blender's physics engine, you can watch them here:

Site upgrade

Today I did a Drupal update on this site (from 5.6 to 6.1). All went rather well, but getting most of the things to work as before took almost half a day.

Currently many installed modules are in the process of being ported to 6.x, so some things may not work as smoothly as they should, however this should change as they get updated. Read more for my impressions from the upgrade.

Blender to UFO

It has been growing slowly, bit-by-bit for over a month. Then it has been laying calmly on the disk for three weeks, waiting for its time to come.

Today the time has come.

I bring you this, an experimental script to export a Blender scene as a map for UFO Alien Invasion.

Download, documentation and examples.

Drupal experiences

Some random Drupal things that gave me a think.

For sites on shared hosting use the public file access; the speed gain thanks to compressing css is significant, not to mention many modules rely on it. With D7 both private and public access should be available concurrently. Check the development status here:

Zen subtheme

Another Drupal note. If you use Zen subthemes remember to leave the main Zen theme enabled, or some things won't work.

If you plan on building your own theme, but want to have something to start with, it's better to use Zen than any of the default themes. Project Zen:

Javascript shuffle

A couple of days ago I've been asked how to permute an array in JavaScript. There are a few of solutions on the web, but none so clean as the following one ;)

It is an implementation of a modern version of the Fisher-Yates algorithm. It uses the (too weak) standard pseudo-random number generator, so the resulting permutations are not really uniformly distributed; however that shouldn't matter for all but cryptographic applications.

The script at work:

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